“Jeremy’s consultation was knowledgeable, professional, and crucial to the value of the assessment. He explained what the report is, what it’s not, and how seeing myself in this new light can benefit me and my career.”

Debbie Young

Recruitment Specialist, NC Department of Revenue


Coaching Programs

Ready to thrive in your life and do what you love? Our coaching programs offer one-on-one engagements to help you prioritize what’s important. Learn more about our:

Career Coaching

Career Marketing

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Become a Certified Coach

Ready to help others thrive? Contact me below for more information about how you can become a certified coach.

Jeremy was a fantastic help in aiding with my resume guidance and LinkedIn strategy. I truly felt he took the time to listen to my asks and formulated a plan that suited my needs. I never felt rushed and felt he offered a personal touch to his services. I would absolutely recommend his services to someone needing brand counseling, or resume building. He was an awesome help and resource.

John Harmon

Director, Client Services

Your Career Brand Story℠ Starts Here

Greater Self Awareness

Understand how your behaviors win relationships.

Learn your Driving Forces

Why are you motivated to do what you love?

Thrive in Everyday Life

You’ll have an action plan to get unstuck from mediocrity.

Private Workshops

Private workshops are available too. Please choose the “Private Workshops” option in the contact form below for more information.

It’s hard to find growth and development opportunities that render true return on the investment. Jeremy’s coaching provided measurable returns. My time with him vetted meaningful understanding to my current organizational fit challenges. I was able to develop applicable steps to be successful in said environment. More importantly, his coaching provided valuable insight to my future career aspirations and what to look for in regards to best organizational fit. I now have a clear career strategy, which has shown to be invaluable as I have made strides towards my career goals. Without this coaching, I had no compass in my career journey!


Jody Pompili

Senior Consulting Manager, Organizational Effectiveness and Development


Accelerate team performance by understanding behavioral differences in the organization. Discover the strengths of your organization through select Behaviors, Motivators, and EQ assessments and;

  • Identifying Key Accountabilities
  • Discover Self-Awareness
  • Understanding Others
  • Enhanced Team Performance

Are you using all the strengths available within your team? Understanding your team’s performance potential is more than a great idea. It’s an immediately achievable goal with the right tools.


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“I learned a tremendous amount from Jeremy: leadership skills, how to bring together a team, and being more efficient in my processes. He came at the right time to help me put together an action plan to reach major project deliverables. I sincerely value his wisdom and knowledge as a mentor and coach.”

Melissa Sincebaugh

Human Resources Specialist

“It’s not just taking an inventory – Jeremy walks through all of it with you and asks the needed question, the important question. I needed a job to pay the bills, but he helped me to look beyond that to what my future might hold. He made everything accessible and drew my attention to things in the assessment I hadn’t paid much attention too and topping it off, his warm and approachable demeanor set me at ease, even though we hadn’t met prior to the review of my inventory. I can’t recommend him strongly enough.”

Rachel Elliot

Mortgage Specialist

“I gained insight into how I may be coming across to those around me and found out that I was often giving others the wrong impression. Being conscious of my natural behavior and knowing ways to adapt helped me become a better leader, communicator, and team member.”

Jessica Graff

Jewelry Designer/SAHM, Bevan Designs

Jeremy Tudor

Jeremy Tudor

CEO & Career Brand Strategist

Jeremy is our founder and the mastermind behind everything we do. He is focused on helping people thrive in their life and do what they love. Jeremy is married to Christie and they have three children: Luke, Jules, and Belle.

Abby Hook

Abby Hook

Social Media Marketer

Abby is our Social Media Marketer. She keeps our online presence going and helps develop our digital material. Abby is from the Southwest but the hills of Northeast TN are dear to her heart. She is passionate about education and communication, and is currently in graduate school.

McCay Leslie

McCay Leslie

Chief of Staff

McCay is our Chief of Staff. She manages operations, projects, and growth initiatives. Orginally from Atlanta, GA, she is currenlty in graduate school. McCay is dedicated to sustainable living and loves her plants!

Christie Tudor

Christie Tudor

Chief of Culture & Enneagram Guide

Christie is a Georgia peach turn North Carolina tarheel, who has now made TN home. She has seen the world, living in Mexcio, Japan, and El Salvador. Christie is a creative and has devoted the past 16 years to raising three kids, and spent 17 years in church work. In this new chpater she is Chief of Culture for Career Brand Story and an Enneagram Guide.  

Luke Tudor

Luke Tudor

Production Assistant & Podcaster

Luke is our Production Assistant helping behind the scenes of the Career Brand Story Podcast. Originally from a small town south of Raleigh, NC, he has come to call TN home among its charming mountains and rustic urban constructions. He enjoys hearing and telling other people’s stories, finding insight in them for his personal writings and future podcast coming soon!

Jeremy Tudor | Career & Life Coach

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