The outcomes of my experience working with Jeremy really met and exceeded my expectations. Jeremy is a knowledgeable recruiter and expert coach who guided me through a very well-structured process. The talent assessment was a great tool for self-knowledge and empowered me to build a clearer picture of my career brand strategy and goals. 

Eddna Castro

Business Consultant

Join The Career Growth Program Today and…

I’ll Show You How to Propel Your Career Forward, Accelerate the Average Six-Month Job Searching Phase, and Land Your Dream Job.

Our Proven 12-Week Career Growth Program with 7 Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions will help you craft a Market-Ready Resume, Optimize your LinkedIn Personal Brand, Navigate Interview Landmines, and Build a Powerful Referral Network. 

Plus, You’ll Receive a Comprehensive Talent Insights Assessment to Align Your Career Direction.

Dear Job Seeker, Fresh Graduate, Transitioning Professional, or Ambitious Go-Getter:

Have you ever envisioned slashing the daunting six-month average job-hunting phase? Or wished for a tailored roadmap that guides you straight to your dream job?

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You’ve stumbled upon your answer.

With over a decade of expertise, I’ve witnessed the struggles, frustrations, and pitfalls many encounter during their job search.

I’ve synergized this vast experience, crafting an unparalleled 12-Week Career Growth Program which boasts a staggering 100% success rate in 2019 and 71% in 2020 during the pandemic when 40% of job postings disappeared overnight. It’s the secret sauce behind hundreds finding their dream roles at record speeds.

In 2018, in the face of uncertainty and evolving job landscapes…

…I took a leap of faith:

I integrated key career transition pillars – Personalized Coaching, Talent Assessment, LinkedIn Personal Branding, Interview Coaching, and Networking Strategies – into a singular powerhouse program.

The result? Hundreds of satisfied clients,

reduced job-hunting timelines, and

transformative career journeys.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all gimmick. It’s a customized solution tailored for the ambitious, the driven, and the dreamers.

And today, I invite you to be a part of this transformation.

The Career Growth Program: Your Roadmap to Career Success.


  • You’re determined to showcase your worth and expertise,
  • You seek to position yourself as a leading candidate in your industry,
  • You dream of networking strategies that open doors, and
  • You desire interview techniques that leave an unforgettable impression,

…then this program was crafted with you in mind.

Inside the Career Growth Program, I break down the nuances of the job market, offering a detailed, step-by-step journey through our esteemed 12-Week Program in 7 Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions. Discover strategies, best practices, and hidden gems that have changed the trajectory for hundreds before you.

Your career transition doesn’t have to be turbulent or tedious. Instead, it can be transformative, swift, and sure-footed.

But don’t just take my word for it. Dive deep into success stories, testimonials, and the tangible transformations of professionals from various fields, all made possible by the strategies and insights packed within the Career Growth Program.

Let me introduce you to a world where career aspirations aren’t just dreams; they’re achievable realities. Join us, and witness the magic unfold in your professional journey.

After an exhaustive search to find a professional development adviser on Linkedin’s ProFinder I selected Jeremy. From the initial conversation, I felt his warmth and recognized his efficiency. Jeremy had a keen ability to obtain information about me and thereby help me package my skills in a marketable way.

Keith Dangel

Medical Affairs Program Manager, Medtronic

It’s hard to find growth and development opportunities that render true return on the investment. Jeremy’s coaching provided measurable returns. My time with him vetted meaningful understanding to my current organizational fit challenges. I was able to develop applicable steps to be successful in said environment. More importantly, his coaching provided valuable insight to my future career aspirations and what to look for in regards to best organizational fit. I now have a clear career strategy, which has shown to be invaluable as I have made strides towards my career goals. Without this coaching, I had no compass in my career journey!

Jody Pompili

Senior Consulting Manager, Organizational Effectiveness and Development

Jeremy and his team brought exactly what I needed to the table: a modern, professional voice to my knowledge and experience. Responsive and easy to work with.

Thurston Alexander-Smith

HMIS Implementation Lead

Jeremy was such a great help with my interview process. I highly recommend his services 100%. He is very organized and well-spoken, and he is very professional, he will accommodate depending on what interview you have and availability. He assisted me on every step from beginning to end, even after I got hired; he still was there to assist me with any doubt I have during the process of an offer. Once again, I highly recommend him!

Carolina Bonilla-González

Associate Paralegal, Microsoft

Like many others, I lost my job in March and turned to Jeremy to modernize my resume. He did a fantastic job and using my new resume I now have a new job and a great resume and profile on LinkedIn. I highly recommend him.

Heidi Wulczyn

Grant Writer & Nonprofit Consultant, Medtronic

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