One year ago, I was rejected for the job I now sit in. Yes, some things come full circle. In between the rejection and the new offer for me personally was a closing of a business, a less paying job, and a lot of self-reflection. Nothing I had planned aligned how I expected. Instead, I learned to expect the unexpected and be thankful for the in-betweens.

Fearless Job Seeker, I’m not sure what chair you are sitting in but if you are in that season of job doubts and career direction, you’re not alone. In this season of thanksgiving may I encourage you in your job search to stay positive and don’t give up. It is proven scientifically, that negative experiences stay with us in our memories longer than positive experiences. This is why I believe fighting for the positive moment’s matter most if we want to thrive in life. Best ways to be positive? Be thankful. And here are five ways to practice gratitude in your job search:

  1. Write thank you notes. Don’t just write to those you interviewed with and those recruiters you’ve talked too. While I believe thank you notes do help in the job interviewing process, take the time to write thank you notes to those who looked over your resume, encouraged you along the way, and kicked your butt to get back in the game when you needed it most.
  2. Take inventory. I remember when I was riding on unemployment at one point and read a book about how more people in this world live on an average of two dollars a day. I don’t know about you but even in my lowest financial days, I was still averaging better than two dollars a day.
  3. Be thankful for family and friends. Looking for the right job is stressful. If you’re like me you may have mismanaged that stress towards those who love you most. So stop for a moment and remember to be thankful for the ones who care and are still on your side cheering you on.
  4. Be thankful for the work you have today. Maybe you are in that in-between job, maybe you are being the stay-at-home parent, and it’s less than what you expected and certainly not where you expected to be. It’s okay. You will be okay. These jobs aren’t the dream jobs (well, maybe that stay-at-home parent is when that two-year-old lets you read to her and take her nap), but there is still something you can learn in every one of those jobs. Learn it. Grow in it. And be thankful for the experience.
  5. Be thankful for even the ‘no’s. I know this sounds hard to do and believe me it is. Last year when I was rejected and my oldest brother asked me if I heard anything about the job at the Thanksgiving dinner, my heart sank. But as someone who has experienced plenty of rejection and told no, I’m thankful that it happen. I’m better today than I was a year ago. I gained more experience and more knowledge than I had a year ago. And had I decided to take it as a negative experience I would not have been ready and capable of rising strong and courageous again to do some significant work.

Lastly, Fearless Job Seeker, let me say ‘thank you’ to you for being the small percentage in this world that reads my blog, and for your encouragement in what I write. We are all on a journey where our work matters and I’m thankful we’ve connected in one way or another. Be thankful and stay positive!


What are you thankful for? Any other ideas how you can be thankful in your work this season? Leave a comment!

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