Last week we mentioned that FEAR will paralyze us from taking next steps. And that finding COURAGE over comfort allows us to be brave which puts us on a better path towards job satisfaction. We want to build off of these ideas this week… People stay stuck in miserable job situations for a wide variety of reasons:  the fear of people at their current job finding out that they want to make a change, the fear of financial instability, the fear of making a mistake, the fear of losing control. 

But, overwhelmingly, people stay stuck due to the fear of rejection. Clients will email me and tell me that they have been rejected from a job that they were hoping to get. This is completely normal! Job seekers will get no’s! You’re going to get a lot of no’s; you are only looking for the one yes. If I would have listened to all of the times I was told no, I would have been out of business on day one! In fact, I get multiple marketing rejections every month. It’s not about getting told no, it’s about what you do after you’ve heard that no, and how committed you are to fighting for your one yes.

In my career coaching, I use the DISC talent insight report to help my clients get to know themselves (and those with whom they’ll be interviewing) better. Each type has a dominant fear. If we can know what scares us, and why, we can know how to overcome that fear! 

How will you face your fears this week? 


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