8-12 seconds. That’s how long the average recruiter will look at your resume. This means it is imperative that you craft a marketable resume. A marketable resume contains two main ingredients: keywords and strong accomplishments. 

One of the most common mistakes people make when crafting their resume is making their resume sound like the job description of the job to which they are applying. What job seekers should do instead is curate three strong accomplishments based on said job description. This will show what value you bring to the business table. A strong accomplishment will list a challenge you faced, an action you took to overcome that challenge, and the result of that situation. By listing three strong accomplishments, you are leveraging your experience to land better jobs with higher pay.

Another mistake people make when crafting their resume is using photos, graphics, colored text, or text boxes. All of these are resume camouflage for applicant tracking systems! Use our Career Brand Story Resume Template, the only template you’ll ever need linked here! One final tip: if you are sending in your resume to an applicant tracking system, send it in a Word or Pages document, however, if you are sending your resume to an email address, send it as a PDF file. Your

Now you’re well on your way to creating the simple, well-crafted resume recruiters are looking for! Good luck and happy resume writing! 

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