“So, tell us a little bit about yourself…”

 This is the first question you will be asked in any interview. If you haven’t prepared well for your interview, your mind starts racing. You forget any career accomplishments you’ve made and you end up talking about your personal life a bit too much. 

I have a plan for when you’re asked that dreaded question- it’s called Your Story Pitch. Your Story Pitch is a clear, concise narrative in which you cover all the bases. I have compiled a number of areas you can talk about in Your Story Pitch. You can personalize your message by choosing the areas that feel best to cover for each interview. Do you want to talk about your background? Specialization? Previous work experience? Or maybe something you’re proud of?

One way you can craft Your Story Pitch is by creating a video and telling your story digitally. You can send this to potential employers, so they can get an authentic feel for your personality and brand. This helps you show your personality and it gives you additional exposure! Check out this week’s podcast episode to hear more about creating your digital story pitch.

I’ll link the Your Story Pitch worksheet for you here. Once you have filled it out, practice rehearsing it with a friend or family member so it sounds more natural. Remember to be natural, friendly, genuinely interested, observant, interesting, and well-rehearsed. If you want to take Your Story Pitch to the next level, try using our Brand Board to keep your story within your personalized brand!  

The next time you’re asked “so, tell us a little bit about yourself” you will have a cohesive, coherent, well-crafted answer.

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