How Much Time Have You Spent Preparing Your Resume?

Your resume will get read in 8-12 seconds. Open Facebook, scroll through your newsfeed for 8-12 seconds. What do you remember? My point is, stay on point.

Do these things on your resume:

  • Focus on keywords. Keywords = hard skills
  • Place your top 3 Career Accomplishments at the top of your resume
  • List relevant experience and accomplishments for the job to which you are applying

Don’t do these things on your resume:

  • Don’t list experience over 10 years and education dates
  • Don’t list your GPA
  • No photographs, text boxes, tables, or colors
  • No references needed
  • No address needed
  • No fluff

A resume is a marketing tool that gets to the point of your hard skill sets. It is how recruiters and hiring managers qualify you for an interview. Therefore, you don’t need to be spending hours working on your resume. It’s one part of your total Career Brand Story.

When it comes to resumes, stay focused and to the point. You got this! 

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