Have You Found Your Dream Job Yet?

Finding your dream job involves going beyond where your current circumstances find you. In order to find your dream job you have to let yourself DREAM. This may mean traveling, moving, changing roles, or even changing industries. Most people won’t get to their dream job overnight. You’ll need to take opportunities that lead you towards your dream job, one step at a time.

If you have not yet found your dream job, you are not alone! 60% of millennials are looking to switch jobs, and so many of my clients (of all ages) are dreaming about making a career shift. On the podcast this week we encouraged our listeners to not feel locked into their jobs. Don’t give up on the hope of your dream job!  My clients often ask if they are too old to shift directions. In my opinion, just because you’ve already invested a decade or two in a certain field does not mean you have to stay there, or that you cannot make it into what you want. All of our experiences make us who we are and give us resources that make us uniquely qualified. Marketwatch recently did a study on businesses in the U.S. and found that the average age of successful entrepreneurs  is 45! If you are wanting to start something new, it is not too late. With the right support, I am confident you will achieve it. 

One helpful tool for finding your dream job is our Career Direction Roadmap. This fillable worksheet allows you to look at what your goals are and how you’re going to accomplish them through concrete actions and tasks. This worksheet will help you nail down your goals and establish a path to follow towards living out your dream. 

If you are ready for a career coach to help you map out the journey to your dream job, head to my website or book a free 15 minute consultation with me here. Watching people find work they love and thrive in their lives is what I love most! 

Although the dreaming and planning may sound fun and easy, the execution takes work. Don’t get discouraged! These things take time. Remember, it is about taking steps, no matter how small, towards your dream job. One day, it will all pay off. 

This week on the podcast, we welcome back Talent Strategist Paulette Bennett to discuss the dream job that allowed her to travel the world. Be on the lookout for this episode & keep on thriving!

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