My name is Luke and I am currently in an internship at Jeremy Tudor. In my time as an intern, I have come to appreciate many realities. Here are a few quick takeaways I have learned during my time on the job. 

1: People’s Time Matters.

People’s time matters. It matters to you, and more importantly, it matters to them. You have to find the balance of compassionately giving your time and being compensated for your time.  Afterall, time is money. This is a phrase I have only now come to see more and more substantially, especially when your business is coaching people.  

2: One of the Fundamentals of Business is Team Collaboration.

One of the fundamentals of business  is collaborating with people. People influence our everyday experiences, they connect with us, and they share our lives. There is this immediate importance of not only knowing yourself and reaching for greater emotional intelligence, but of the immediate need to understand other people’s communication styles, views, and experiences. I’ve had the invaluable opportunity to observe other peoples’ behaviors and attitudes towards a variety of topics. These tools have allowed me to learn how to collaborate with them better on projects.

3: A Cohesive Career Brand Story is Important!

I realized quickly how much I didn’t know about resume writing, personal brand, and even simply how to move forward with a career. Without working firsthand on resumes and understanding some of the best practices in building your career and personal brand, I would be helpless. Since being here, I have learned how to build a resume, put together a referral network strategy, and to ditch my cover letter and burn it (thank goodness I have not written one of course!).

4: Defining My Personal Brand

From the moment I began my internship, it came naturally to me to wear a suit. Yes, a suit! I’m the only one in the office who wears one but hey, it’s me. It empowered me, and gave me confidence. As an intern I have the opportunity to reflect upon my own tendencies in an entirely different light and understand more and more who I am. I’m looking forward to sharing who I am and where I’m going in the world through my own personal brand.

Internships are a special and vital part of almost all career stories. Don’t underestimate them! If you’re considering an internship, get ready to learn, work, and practice holding reasonable boundaries. If you have hired interns, show them some gratitude today! We are working hard to be part of the team and are on our feet and ready to take on responsibility within the company. 

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