As ever-expanding and growing human beings, we all have work to do in the area of self-awareness. Especially as we find ourselves nearing the end of a challenging year, knowing ourselves is more important than ever. So welcome to this quarter’s theme: Know Yourself.

Many of us have been participating in virtual teams, wondering how to multitask between managing work and all of the distractions that have come along with this season of social-distancing and working-from-home. Our leadership has to adapt in these times because we all need a little (or a lot) more support than we usually do. But this takes a lot of intentionality and awareness!  When physical proximity between leaders and employees isn’t feasible, mental or emotional intentionality is essential.

In the ground-breaking book, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ,  Dan Goleman makes the educated guess that 90% of the difference between star performers and average performers in the workplace was related to EQ. The role of emotions in conflict resolution, collaboration, innovation and other key successful cultural attributes in companies is also well documented. In 2009, a study by EQMentor Inc. found that 65% of employees receive no positive recognition at work. This inaction on the part of leadership causes employees to disengage, become discontent, and not work to their full potential. What could make the difference between a disgruntled, low-performing workforce and one that is high-performing, balanced, and productive? The answer is EQ. There is both self awareness and social awareness in EQ. 

A great way you can start improving your self awareness is through tools like Enneagram or D.I.S.C.  These are practical tools that can help you  learn to better understand yourself, others, and how to communicate effectively. I use D.I.S.C. with my clients, and if you’ll stay tuned on the Career Brand Story podcast, we have so many helpful resources to share with you in the coming weeks! For more on Know Yourself, check out this week’s episode with myself, Abby Hook, and Jebb Graff! 

What we need, right now and always, is support, trust, and communication. Join us in this journey to Know Yourself, so you can increase these needs on your teams and in your circles. Knowing yourself is essential to thriving in your life. No one ever said thriving came easily, but we are committed to helping each other get there!

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